October 1, 2023

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How her emergency fund saved this financial planner from financial disaster

“Sometimes, when they hear my story, it makes it more relatable and therefore it’s a little easier for them to get on board with having that emergency fund.” ~ Elizabeth Buffardi 

Bankrate, by Matthew Goldberg, Aug 12, 2019

12 ways to bank smarter: Simple tips and tricks to increase your wealth

“Part of it is people just assume that their bank is going to do, I’ll say, ‘right by them’ so to speak and give them what they should be getting,” says Elizabeth Buffardi.

Bankrate, by Matthew Goldberg, Sept 13, 2019

Paying for college with a home equity loan

“The real reason to use a traditional student loan instead of a home equity loan is because if something happens to your financial situation, there is usually a way to defer payments or lessen the payments until you can get back on your feet,” says Elizabeth Buffardi.

LendingTree, by Matt Becker, Apr 3, 2018

Ask Bankable: What is the best way to pay off debt?

“Prioritize the loan with the smallest balance. The theory behind this is that it will give you confidence and get you excited about having conquered at least one debt” says Elizabeth Buffardi.

Forbes.com, Jan 24, 2018

Don’t let the fear of looking stupid lead to money mistakes

“If someone is trying to sell you something that doesn’t make sense, either ask them to explain it until it does make sense and where you can make an informed decision, or walk away,” says Elizabeth Buffardi.

NerdWallet, by Barbara Marquand, Feb 12, 2018

5 Money moves in your 50s as you ramp up to retirement

If spending exceeds income, “you want to identify that now so you have time to come up with a new plan, either for retirement or for spending,” says Elizabeth Buffardi.

Kiplinger, by Jane Bennett Clark, March 4, 2016

6 Fears that keep people from financial advice

“If you’re concerned about financial advisers pushing certain products, consider a fee-only planner,” says Elizabeth Buffardi.

CreditCards.com, by Tamara E. Homes, May 27, 2014