February 24, 2024

About Us

elizabeth-buffardiElizabeth started her career as a tax accountant at Blackman Kallick, a public accounting firm in Chicago, IL.  After 2 years, she went to a family office, where she was the accountant for a family’s entire investment portfolio, along with the liaison between the investment managers, accountants, auditors and attorneys they used.  At one point, she realized she treated their money better than she treated her own money.  She started to learn all she could regarding investing.  The rest of her work experience is in the financial services area, specifically, in the hedge fund and funds of hedge funds arena.

Crescendo was born from Elizabeth’s quest to help people like herself gain control of their financial lives.  She strives to provide the information that people need and to be able to recommend solutions that are right for that person and their situation.  As she says, “You are a multi-faceted person.  Your personal life includes your career, your family, your hobbies, etc.  Your financial life is also multi-faceted.  It includes your home, your business, your investments, your taxes, etc.  I look at everything because one facet of your financial life can affect the others.  They all have to work together in harmony.”

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